Instaforex With Fix Spreads On All Major Pairs – Suitable For Automatic Forex Traders

Instaforex With Fix Spreads

If you have a plan to join Forex trading, you have to choose best Forex trader such as Instaforex broker as your broker. As we know that there are so many Forex brokers we can choose, but not every Forex broker will offer good service. Some Forex brokers are scam, make us getting loss. So, why we have to choose Instaforex broker? Read the information below to know about the answer.

What is Instaforex Broker?

Instaforex is part of Instaforex Companies Group from Russia which serves trading service for customer in 50 countries. There are so many people who have joined this Forex broker and get so many benefits.
Instaforex broker can be good choice for every people. Even if you are a beginner in Forex trading, you can still get many benefits when joining Instaforex broker. There are so many good services and interesting program of Instaforex broker that will make you comfortable during joining Forex Trading.

Why I Need to Choose Instaforex Broker?

Some people may be doubt to choose Instaforex broker. Actually, you don’t have to be doubt because you will get so many benefits. Here are some things you have to know about Instaforex broker:

Minimum Deposit and High Leverage
Some people feel so confuse to join Forex trading because thinking about deposit. In Instaforex, you don’t have to worry because of it. Minimum deposit in Instaforex is just 1 USD. Not only that, Instaforex offers high leverage (1:1000 leverage). It will be useful for you. But, you have to be careful because high leverage can also bring risk.

All Strategies Allowed
Not only offers minimum deposit and high leverage, Instaforex broker allows you to use your own strategies. It means you can use strategy that you want such as full hedging, scalping, robot trading, and many more.

Easy Administration
Some people don’t want to join Forex trading because some Forex broker websites don’t have easy administration process. It will be different if you join Instaforex broker. You can open real Instaforex account easily. After registration, you can star your trading.

Rebate Instaforex Program
Because there are so many IB introduce Instaforex, so you can get Forex rebate from every Forex transaction. It will make you get additional income from every trade that has been done. No matter the trading is profit or loss, you will still get income.

Interesting Contest
Not only Forex rebate, you can also get other interesting gift from contest. Instaforex always held interesting contest and provides interesting gift. It will make you feel so happy and comfortable when joining this broker.

Yes, instaforex always give the best conditions for all kind types of traders. Beside instaforex offering high laverage up to 1:1000, fast withdrawal and instant deposit, instaforex copy trades, instaforex pamm, there is a good things in instaforex.

That is instaforex forex offers fix spreads in all major pairs like GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, EURUSD,USDCAD,EURJPY and NZDUSD. And again instaforex give fix spreads too in gold. Instaforex gold have fix spreads with 60pips.


And instaforex standard account offering open minimum lot only 0.01lot which 1 pip equal with $0.01. So, if we open 1lot size so per 1 pip it would be $1.


Instaforex Rebate

Instaforex offering to anyone to get extra money by joining with instaforex partnership program. This instaforex partnership program offers high commission from 1.5pips per lot. It’s very easy to join.

We can go to instaforex homepage or register as partner or open real trading account button picture above and fill affiliate code with “DUXN” (without quotes) and upload our id and waiting for confirmation from instaforex to verified your account then we will received our link partner and our last works is just promote our link partners and if we get more clients and more trades then our earning will increasing depending their trading volume based from lot size.

Instaforex Copy Trades

Instaforex copy trades offering extra money too for traders who can give a consistent and accurate signals to all of their followers. So this traders will get some money on each closing trades with profit. But if there is closing trades with negative result this trader didn’t get any money.


Or if we only want to copy their trades so join as a follower only. So, our account will duplicate all their trades in real time and for sure we can adjust lot size depending our capital and setting our risk.


Well, those are some information for you about Instaforex broker. We can conclude that Instaforex broker is recommended broker for us because offers so much good service and program. High leverage, minimum deposit, and rebate instaforex are some benefits you can get when joining Instaforex broker. So, what are you waiting for? You can open real Instaforex account to start your Forex trading and get many benefits from it.

Lastly, instaforex is the most honest and very good forex brokers for smaller traders, medium traders or even institutional traders like banks. This instaforex broker is very good in all their service, especially in their deposit and withdrawal processing. Instaforex allows all kind of forex trading strategies even for scalping, averaging, or even martingale. This is why instaforex is suitable for swing traders or for traders who use with their any kind of forex robot or forex expert advisors. So, instaforex is one of top leader in forex broker since 2007.

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