FBS Forex Broker – Heaven For Scalpers

FBS Is Good For Scalping

FBS forex broker is our good recommendation for scalping or any kinds of trading system. We’ve tested fbs forex broker, guarantee no slippage, no requote, and offering lowest spreads and high laverage up to 1:3000. It’s fantastic.

And again fbs offer bonus 100% of deposit and forex rebate for daily extra earning if we open and verified our real forex account so we can trade and test their platform,spreads and also execution in opening position.

When you have a plan to join Forex trading and want to choose Forex broker, FBS Forex broker may be a good recommendation for you. Nowadays, people are so interested in joining Forex trading, but some of them feel so confuse to choose the best Forex broker. We know that there are so many Forex brokers we can choose. But for you who still confuse, you can choose FBS Forex broker. Read the information below to know more about it.

Why I Need to Choose FBS Forex Broker?

Every Forex broker always offers so many services. We have to consider so many things before choosing the best Forex broker. For your recommendation, you can choose FBS Forex broker because it has so many benefits. Here are things relate to FBS Forex broker that you have to know:

High Leverage
When you join Forex trading, you will be familiar with leverage. Every Forex broker offers different leverage. FBS Forex broker offers high leverage, even offers 1:3000 leverage for Micro, Standard and Zero spread. But, we have to consider it well. High leverage may be so useful but has high risk.

Free Real Account
Not only offers high leverage. FBS Forex broker is recommended for beginner because offers real account without payment (Free). It is good choice for beginner. Not every Forex broker offers this service.

Deposit Bonus
There are so many clients who want to join with FBS Forex broker. FBS offers high deposit bonus for client who have fulfilled certain policies. So, it will be really useful for you. Not only that, there is no slippage in this Forex broker.

Interesting Contest
Not only high leverage and no slippage, this Forex broker also offers interesting contest. FBS always held seasonal contest, where the best trader will have opportunity to get interesting gift.

Side Business
In FBS Forex broker, you have a chance to develop side business such as becoming FBS Introduce broker or FBS Partner or become as manager trading account individual affiliate. You will have commission when doing side business. So, you will get so much profit.

Things Should Be Considered


FBS Account Comparison

FBS also have flexible forex account types from micro until standard ecn account type. Fbs honest in their price feeding and candlestick of course. FBS forex broker is a good standard forex broker in asia and europe. Because so many traders come from europe, russia or even canada trade with FBS. Mostly from indonesia, singapore, pakistan, vietnam, philiphines, thailand, china, and any other small countries in asia region. FBS regulated by International Financial Services Commission (Belize), Centre for Regulation in OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies (Russia). FBS found in 2009.


FBS allows hedging, averaging, scalping and also martingale if you like martingale trading system even martingale strategy is little bit dangerous.

FBS Account Types

See table below about FBS Account Types before joining with FBS. My suggestion is micro account types first if our capital below $1k. And we can compare fbs spreads with another forex broker too, i think fbs forex broker give a competitive forex spreads.

ecn forex account with high laverage advantages

open ecn forex account with high laverage

forex account types fbs forex

open real forex micro account with high laverage

open ecn forex account with high laverage

As a standard world class forex broker, FBS offers many trading platform. One of popular trading platform is metatrader 4 beside many others trading platform from FBS like metatrader 4 and mt5 for android too.

Open Live ECN Forex Account And Get 100% Deposit Bonus For Free


FBS deposit and FBS withdrawal options is very flexible and the most important is safety, secure and fastest on each our withdrawal request. FBS offering NETELLER, bitcoin, visa, master card, USDT THETER, and many others local deposit/withdrawal options to get all transaction secure and fast.


After reading the information above, have you interested in joining FBS Forex broker? If so, you have to consider some things. We know that FBS offers good service such as high leverage, but remember that it has high risk. High leverage will give you high profit, but it will also make you get high risk. So, consider about leverage before you join FBS Forex broker. But for beginner, FBS is good recommendation because it offers real account without payment. So, you can open FBS live account easily. Make sure you register on the real FBS site to avoid scam website. Try to read some reviews of people who have joined in FBS Forex broker to avoid bad risk. Especially if you are a beginner, you have to choose right spread to make you really comfortable when joining this Forex broker.

Well, those are some information for you about FBS Forex broker. It is good recommendation for you who want to join Forex trading. Hopefully the information above will be useful for you.

If you’re new in forex and wanna test some kind of good forex broker, so FBS forex broker is one of the best place to trade beside ICMARKETS, HOTFOREX, FUSION MARKETS, ROBOFOREX and TICKMILL for sure. And at the end of this article, please test FBS forex broker with opening real micro accounts first at least to get free 100usd no deposit bonus and verified your account and test with your self how good FBS is.

open ecn forex account with high laverage

Don’t forget using candlestick basics with multiple time frame analysis to get accurate and valid signals. And don’t forget to get extra cash by joining in FBS forex rebate by register as affiliate and try your trading skill with fbs demo contest and get the real money. Risk free!!.


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