4 Important Technologies In Best Forex VPS Hosting For Forex Trader


Best forex vps hosting is what you need, if you want to make successful trading in Forex market. Yes, knowledge, skill and strategy are also important. But, if you don’t use right technology forex VPS service, you won’t be able to trade comfortably. Actually, there are many requirements that a trading service need to have a good standard platform in order to be called as the best forex trading services. And, here are some explanations about VPS technology that many forex VPS service provides.

The VPS Technology on Top Forex VPS Service Providers

best forex vps technology
The technology that these providers use can differentiate their performance among best vps for forex traders you can find. Here are some of the best technologies that they used.

  • Virtuozzo

This system is developed by Parallels, Inc. They made this system for Windows and Linux. In this platform, there are several isolated container, which is known as Virtual Environments (VEs). These VEs will help you to decide what you want to do separately. This system works by acting as virtual operating system. So, it doesn’t use hardware. This system allows the service to share the maintenance, hardware usage and software easily. Unfortunately, this is the low level system in performance term among other technology.

This system is specially made for Linux. It also has VEs, but it only used one physical server. This means the server working quality will be much better than Virtuozzo. The platform works like stand-alone server. That means all kinds of process, from memory, system libraries to configuration files can be done independently. Because of this ability, many experts said that this system is great choice for Forex trading. But, because it’s only compatible with Linux, you can only use Linux Operating System to use it. For Windows user, this is definitely not best choice for Forex VPS hosting.

  • Xen

This is free software virtual machine. Many VPS hosting for Forex trading use this because it can save more money for their maintenance. But, we can say that this system isn’t stable. Therefore, it’s not suitable for Forex trading. If you found VPS hosting using this system, it would be better, if you avoid it.

microsoft hyper-v windows forex vps
This system provides the high quality Hardware Virtualization and High Level of Isolation for physical server. Therefore, you don’t need to worry, your data won’t be messed up with other data. And, this is also the main reason why this system is best choice for Forex trading. Plus, it’s suitable with Windows, as the creator is Microsoft.

Here are our top 4 best and cheap forex vps that using Microsoft Hyper-V to get maximum performance of your ea :


All these vps services provider offers every plan with DDoS Protected VPS servers, so it very secured and your data very safe from all types of attacks from the hackers.

Which Technology is The Best Choice for VPS Services for Forex?

So, what is the best forex vps technology? The answer is easy. It depends on your needs. If you like to use Windows, it would be better and choose the VPS for forex trading with Microsoft Hyper-V. However, if you are Linux user, you can still use the Microsoft Hyper-V. But, it would be better if you use the OpenVZ that you are used to.

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